Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome to Chemistry Loves Design

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I want to use this blog as a space to share my adventures in designing and decorating my very first home. I also want to share ideas and inspirations for living an inspired life.

A little bit about me....I may have a PhD in Chemistry, but I have always been passionate about design. When I was young, I remember admiring the pictures on the back of sheet sets, longing to have my bed appear so styled with lots and lots of pillows! I have always taken pride in decorating my bedroom -- from a Strawberry Shortcake themed room as a young girl, to a more mature soothing green room as a teenager, styled with green gingham sheets, a coordinating pink floral duvet, dressing table and balloon drapes!

 During university, I became a huge fan of trading spaces and would marvel at the transformations they could accomplish in a weekend. While in school, I used to drive my room-mate nuts, trying to achieve a “designer look” on a shoe-string budget. I was always coming home with new finds...that being said, we always got compliments about how gorgeous and well put-together our little apartment was.

 My continued love for lifestyle television has introduced me to the work of many more recent design celebrities that have really shaped my design aesthetic. Currently, my favorite designer is Sarah Richardson, whom I have been a huge fan of for many years. Through her numerous TV programs (Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah's House, Sarah 101), Sarah has taught me so much about the world of design, and I am glad to be able to reflect that in my current work.

 Stay tuned and follow me to share in my design trials and tribulations, and all good things that make an inspired life!


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